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Our itineraries are meant to give you ideas. They can be booked as they are or let us know your wishes and we create your tailor-made safari. Each safari is special to us!

Since our safaris-rates are influenced by many factors like season, accommodation and number of participants, we do not indicate prices
on tailor-made safaris but will be glad to create your personal itinerary with prices. Please contact: bushtrucker@gmail.com



  • Ornithological safari
    You will visit some of the best birding places in Kenya with special and rare species.
    Route: Lake Naivasha, Kakamega Forest, Lakes Baringo and Bogoria, Aberdares, Meru National park and Mt. Kenya
    Date: 8. - 20. January 2017, 16. - 29. April 2017 & 12. -  25. November 2017
  • Best of Kenya birding tour Africa Geographic with ornithologist Sammy Mugo
    Route and date will be set afresh
  • Central Kenya - birding tour
    From volcanoes to savanna in Meru National park, mountain forests and the lakes Nakuru and Naivasha in the Great Rift Valley.
    Dates:  1. bis 11. Mai 2017, 6. - 16. December 2016, 23. January - 2. February 2017, 4. - 14. December 2017 or any date of your wish
  • Great Rift Valley Lakes and Kakamega Rainforest - birding tour
    Fresh and soda lakes in the Great Rift Valley, Naivasha, Nakuru, Elementaita, Baringo and Bogoria and the amazing Kakamega Rain forest in Western Kenya
    14. - 24. May 2016, 24. September - 4. October 2016, 7. - 17. February 2017 or any date you prefer

  • Amboseli, Tsavo West, Shimba Hills, Coast (Watamu)
    Elephants and Kilimanjaro, plenty of wildllife, coastal forest, history and culture and one of the most beautiful beach of the Indian Ocean.

    Date: 29. January - 10. February 2017
    This safari will be guided by a silver level guide at Kenya professional Safari guides Association
  • Special offer to the Great Migration
    2 nights Nairobi with full day excursion to Nairobi National park, 5 nights Masai Mara
    any date you like
  • The Great Migration
    Nairobi National park, Nakuru NP, Lake Bogoria and Naivasha and 5 nights in the Masai Mara
    Between June and early November when the migration is on

  • Famous parks
    Amboseli National park, Aberdares, Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara
    This safari will be guided by a silver level guide at Kenya professional Safari guides Association
  • Rainforest, lakes, mountain forest and savannah
    Nakuru, Kakamega, Lake Baringo and Bogoria, Aberdares, Shaba and Samburu
    This safari will be guided by silver level guides at Kenya professional Safari guides Association
    currently as private safari
  • Lake Turkana expeditions
    This rugged 2,500 km expedition takes you to the Chalbi desert, Sibiloi National park, Lake Turkana, extinct volcanos and Nakuru National Park. You will meet various tribes, see fossils and game.
  • Shorter Turkana expeditions 8 + 10 days
    Route: Samburu, Marsabit, Kalacha, Lake Turkana, Maralal
  • Western Kenya - hidden pearls
    This safari will bring you to not well known places on the way to Western Kenya and Lake Victoria, you will see many different biotopes and landscapes....and you might see otters and Roan antelopes.
    Departure: at any date of your wish
  • Flight safaris
    Combine different parks and areas by doing transfers by plane - either scheduled or charter flights. This can be arranged with any kind of accommodation.
  • Budget Safari with Minibus from US$ 180.- per day