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Mount Kenya by Felix Berg

Mount Kenya fantastic hikes
and climbing up to 5.199 m

Mount Kenya reaches 5.199 m up into the sky and is the 2nd tallest mountain in Africa. Mount Kenya erupted 2.6 to 3.6 millions of years ago and the volcanic origin is not easy to see anymore. There are 3 main peaks: Batian (5.199 m), Nelion (5.188 m) and Lenana (4.985 m). It is very near to the equator and surrounded by fertile land. From Nairobi you drive 250 – 350 km north depending on which route you choose.

The first person climbed up to the top of Batian was 1899. You will see names on the mountain of the missionaries and researches who explored the volcano in the early time of Europeans arriving in East Africa in the 19th century. Many expeditions
failed and they had to give up. Mount Kenya towering over the Laikipia Plateau
has always fascinated people. For the Kikuyu it is the mountain of God and Jomo Kenyatta has written it in his book “Facing Mount Kenya“.

Different tribes live around the volcanic range. In the southeastern region you find Embu, north Meru, West and South Kikuyu. These tribes all belong to the Bantu group which are mainly farmers and keep diary cows. On the grassland in the West the Laikipia Maasai herd their livestock. On the western side you will witness extensive wheat fields. This is one of the corn chambers in Kenya.

Batian and Nelion are mountain peaks for the experienced climbers. Point Lenana requires no alpine technical skills only a good stamina and fitness. Many hike Point Lenana and it is absolutely worth it – watch a sunrise over the African Savanna and maybe you will see up to Kilimanjaro – you made it – congratulation!

Impressive are the different vegetation belts – you start from mountain forests which consist of different tree species up to around 3.000 m and reach the heather zone with its variety of alpine plants. The alpine desert also has its fascination – different types of lava in different stages of erosion.

Rain, snow, wind, sun and temperature differences have eroded the volcano which was at its active time 3.5 Million years ago 7.000 m above sea level. Therefore Mount Kenya was taller than the younger Kilimanjaro. You will see erosion has made it a very interesting mountain. Rivers, lakes, valleys, ice, lava cliffs, sharp pointed peaks and towers are created by wind and weather.

Climate: as you can imagine temperature drop when you ascend from 1.374 m to 5.199 m far below freezing point. Rainy seasons are usually from April to June and in November. But mountains also have their own climate and it can rain and snow any time. It is often also quite windy in that region.

Vegetation: Up to around 3.000 m mixed mountain forest covers the slopes. The heather zone starting from around 3.000 m can be a carpet of colours when the alpine plants are flowering. Some of those are related to plants in the Alps and in the Rocky Mountains.

Special plants: between 3.900 m and 4.500 m the endemic Mount Kenya Giant Senecio (Dendrosenecio keniadendron) grows. The also endemic Decken’s
 (Lobelia keniensis) is found between 3.300 and 4.600 m while Teleki Lobelia (Lobelia telekii) which occurs from Mount Kenya to Mount Elgon grows between 3.500 m and 5.000 m. When Lobelia plants flower they look like huge candles.

Wildlife: in the lower areas you can come across or see tracks or dung of elephants and buffalos. Vervet monkeys and Olive baboons can be seen and hardly to miss are the Rock Hyraxes. Also bird life is interesting and you find some up to where vegetation ends.

You want to know more about Mount Kenya – click here

What is important for our Mount Kenya fantastic hikes and climbing? Walk slowly but steady and breathe calmly but regularly. Should you not feel well please report to your mountain guide. Good hiking shoes, walking stick, very warm cloths and sleeping bag, thermos flask, sun protection, sun glasses, a very strong torch – better a head light to have your hands free.

Crampons can be useful at some points. Acclimatization is very important and you better spend 1 more day on the mountain to reach the top.

We only work with experienced and well trained mountain guides and technical climbers for our Mount Kenya fantastic hikes and climbing up to 5.199 m. Duncan Nderitu our mountain guide has climbed mountain Kenya many times and also leads technical climber groups. The climbing walls have different difficulties and climbing grades. Please indicate your experience at the time of your booking. Groups with more than 8 participants will be accompanied by a European mountain specialist.

Mount Kenya fantastic hikes and climbing up to 5.199 m

can be combined with

a safari to the beautiful wildlife areas in Kenya
a 2 night safari with game drives in Amboseli National Park before crossing the border to Tanzania to hike up Kilimanjaro
Relaxing days at the amazing beaches of the Indian Ocean

You can join groups with fixed departure dates and itineraries for our Mount

Kenya fantastic hikes and climbing up to 5.199 m or you tell us your wishes and
we create your tailor-made private tour


We have chosen Naro Moru or Sirimon Route in combination with Chogoria Route, Point Lenana (4.985 m) hike and surrounding the main peaks. A hiking program with a lot of diversity and professional guiding


Price (5 nights Mount Kenya, 2 nights in Nairobi BB, all transfers from Euro 1.085

Climbing tour from Euro 1.220
From 8 – 12 participants a European mountaineer will lead the tour


25. June – 03. July 2022
02. July  – 10. July 2022
30. July  – 07. August 2022
20. Aug. – 28. August 2022
03. Sept – 11. September 2022
20. Sept – 28. September 2022
22. Oct. – 30. October 2022
17. Dec. – 25. December 2022
27. Dec. – 04. January 2023
14. Jan. – 22. January 2023
04. Feb. – 12. February 2023
25. Feb. – 05. March 2023


Mount Kenya – Amboseli National Park – Kilimanjaro price from Euro 5.620
30. Juli – 17. August 2022
20. Aug. – 07. September 2022
03. Sept – 21. September 2022
17. Dec. – 04. January 2023
14. Jan. – 01. February 2023
25. Feb. – 15. March 2023

Included: Flight from Europe, all meals on the mountain and on safari, entry fees, guides, porters, cook, tents
Please carry your own mountain gear

Mount Kenya fantastic hikes and climbing up to 5.199 m

Various routes take you up Mount Kenya. During winter (December to February) we use Chogoria – Naro Moru Route. Chogoria in combination with either Sirimon or Naro Moru is the summer route (June to October). The weather and condition of the routes determine which routes our experienced mountain guides advise to use. The main peaks Nelion and Batian will be surrounded on all routes and of course you have to make it on top of Point Lenana.

On Mount Kenya you sleep in 2-persons tents and meal plan is full board. Single tents can be booked.

Mount Kenya route map
Mount Kenya route map

Chogoria – Naro Moru Route (from December to February)

Day 1 – Arrive in Nairobi
Upon your arrival at Jomo Kenyatta international Airport you will be greeted and taken to the hotel.

Overnight / breakfast town hotel in Nairobi

Day 2 – Nairobi
A day to wait for those arriving today or late at night. You can spend the day in Nairobi National Park or go climbing at Lukenya or visit any of the museums like the really interesting Karen Blixen Museum – Out of Africa. You can also just relax at the hotel and get already used to the higher altitude. Nairobi is between 1.600 – 1.700 m above sea level.

While having dinner together your mountain guide will brief you about the coming days and you can ask questions.

Overnight in a town hotel in Nairobi

Day 3 – Nairobi – Mount Kenya – Chogoria Bandas 3.000 m
On a good tarmac road you are heading out of Nairobi and north through plantations and around a good number of bendings. After around 3.5 hours you might get a glimpse of Mount Kenya if not covered by clouds.

You will pass Embu town southeast of the mountain and continue to Chogoria Gate where you might have to change to 4×4 vehicles. Then a short walk to the
Chogoria Bandas at 3.000 m.

Day 4 – Chogoria Bandas – Lake Michaelson Camp 3.800 m
Today’s hike starts on an old road through mountain forest. Scenic is the walk through the heather zone with its alpine plants. In the afternoon you will reach Lake Michaelson in the Gorges Valley below point Lenana. A wonderful place to be!

Day 5 –  Lake Michaelson hikes or shifting to Minto’s Camp 4.300 m
Depending on the weather and your wish you can spend 1 more night at Lake Michaelson and go for walks with your mountain guide. Or you shift to Minto’s Camp to have a different perspective of the Gorges Valley. It is also the day to prepare for the Peak Lenana ascend.

Day 6 – Point Lenana 4.980 m –  MacKinder’s Camp 4.200 m
You will be woken up before 3 a.m. and latest now you will realize how important a good head light is. You start that early that you can witness the sun raise over the African Savannah and maybe you will see up to Kilimanjaro.

You will walk half way around the main peaks to Austrian Hut (4.800 m) and from here you can reach Point Lenana. You will also undertake walks from Austrian Hut where you spend the night.

Day 7 – MacKinder’s Camp 4.200
An extra day during which you can hike up Point Lenana and go for walks in this amazing landscape. You can also finish the walk around the main peaks via Shipton’s Camp. Climbers will reach Batian 5.199 m on a technical climbing route.

The camp remains at MacKinder’s Camp

Day 8 – Descend and drive to Nairobi

You walk down to Met Station where a vehicle will wait for you. After lunch you start the 3 – 4 hour drive to Nairobi.

Overnight in a hotel in Nairobi


Day 9 – Safari, beach or departure

Depending on your departure time we can create a day program for you around Nairobi

Or you continue with our program and drive for 2 nights to Amboseli National Park to see the elephants and Kilimanjaro. Then you cross over to Tanzania and hike up Kilimanjaro 
Or you would love to visit Kenya’s beautiful wildlife on a safari to a different region
Or you prefer relaxing at one of the beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean

Mount Kenya climbing and view

Mount Kenya fantastic hikes and climbing 5.199 m Sirimon – Chogoria Route

Day to day program during summer season

On the mountain you will sleep in 2 persons tents. Meal plan is full board.

Day 1 – Arrive in Nairobi
Upon your arrival at Jomo Kenyatta international Airport you will be greeted and taken to the hotel.

Overnight in a hotel in Nairobi

Day 2 – Nairobi
A day to wait for those arriving today or late at night. You can spend the day in Nairobi National Park or go climbing at Lukenya or visit any of the museums like the really interesting Karen Blixen Museum – Out of Africa. You can also just relax at the hotel and get already used to the higher altitude. Nairobi is at 1.600 – 1.700 m above sea level.

While having dinner together your mountain guide will brief you about the coming days and you can ask questions.

On a private tour you can skip this day or arrive today.

Overnight / breakfast town hotel in Nairobi

Day 3 – Nairobi – Mount Kenya – Old Moses Hut 3.200 m
After breakfast you are heading out of Nairobi and start the quite long drive (6 – 7 hours North. You will pass Mount Kenya in the West while driving through huge wheat fields. This is one of Kenya’s corn chamber. The entrance to Sirimon Route is on the northern slope of the extinct volcano. Depending on road conditions the vehicle will take you up to Old Moses Hut or you have to hike some kilometers.

Day 4 – Old Moses Hut – Teleki Nord Camp 3.700 m
Your first hike on this tour. You will walk through afro alpine vegetation; heather, lobelias, senecio and others. If plants are in flower you will be surrounded by an ocean of colours. After lunch and a short rest you continue ascending to the camp where you will reach in the afternoon.

Day 5 –  Teleki North Camp – resting day or hike to Shipton’s Camp
You can rest today or go for walks in this scenic region

or you shift to Shipton’s Camp below the main peaks. From here you will have an amazing view to the peaks.

Today you also prepare for the ascend to Point Lenana.


Day 6 – Teleki North Camp / Shipton’s Camp – Point Lenana – Shipton’s Camp

The longest day and walks await you today. You will be hiking for 6 – 9 hours starting at 3 a.m. You will walk around Batian and Nelion and also hike up Point Lenana. In the afternoon you will return to Shipton’s Camp.

Day 7 – Extra day on Mount Kenya

During this extra day you can undertake walks – Mount Kenya has so many different views, corners and landscapes. Technical climbers can make it to the top of Batian (5.199 m).

You will walk below Point Lenana and your descending route will take you through Chogoria Gorge.

Day 8 – Chogoria Gate – Nairobi

The last stretch of the descend takes you to Chogoria Gate. In dry weather conditions the vehicle will pick you here, in wet conditions you will have to walk further down. After lunch you will be driven to Nairobi which will take 6 – 7 hours depending on traffic around Nairobi.


Tag 9 – Nairobi – Program – Departure

We gladly organize a day program for you before you will be taken to Jomo Kenyatta international airport for your departure flight


You start a safari to the amazing wildlife areas of Kenya

You have booked our combination program then you will be heading to Amboseli National Park to see elephants and Kilimanjaro. After 2 nights you will cross the border to Tanzania and the Tanzanian team will guide you up Kilimanjaro.

you fly to the coast and enjoy relaxing days at the Indian Ocean beach either in Kenya or on Zanzibar in