Stunning Uganda Safari impressive Gorillas and Chimpanzees
Time spent with Gorillas will remain for ever in your memory

Uganda Safari - Gorillas & CHIMPANZEES 15 days

An amazing variety of primates (20 species) can be encountered on a Uganda Safari. Some of the special wildlife you might see on your Uganda Safari are introduced here.

Shoebill in Mabamba Swamp and White Rhinos in Ziwa Sanctuary by Matej Dolinay – Living Zoology. 2 amazing places we gladly include in your Uganda safari itinerary.

Mountain Gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei) are found in Uganda in Bwindi impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park where you could also find Golden Monkeys. Please be ready to walk for several hours on small, partly steep and slippery paths.

Each family group has a male above 15 years. His back has turned silver when he was around 12 years old and therefore they are called “Silverback”. Gorillas feed entirely on plant material. There are many documentaries about Gorillas but to be face to face with these impressive apes is totally different.

There are only around 1060 Mountain Gorillas in the wild. Deforestation is destroying their habitat but due to strict protection their population is stable and often they breed successfully. You will visit one family on our Uganda Safari.

Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) are found in Uganda in Kibale National Park. There you can meet with wild and habituated groups – Uganda Safari.

Chimpanzees live in families and feed on plant material and meat. Males can reach 70 kg and are almost 1.5 times heavier than females. They live on trees and on the ground. For the night they build tree nests with leaves and small branches which they might also use during the hot time of the day. The behaviour of Chimpanzees fills books. But experience these apes live! Jane Goodall has spent many years with Chimpanzees and is for sure the most competent expert.

Shoebill Storks are very special birds and best seen in the wild in Uganda. Most likely you will come across them during the boat ride in the Nile delta or if you can add 1 day spend a day at Mabamba Swamp at Lake Victoria near Kampala. It is a Ramsar Site = important wetland. Uganda Safari

Grey Crowned Cranes are not only very beautiful birds but are also the National birds of Uganda and featured in the country’s flag. Sadly their numbers are declining due to drying up wetlands. In 2022 we will conduct 2 tours dedicated to the Crowned Cranes and their protection in Kenya. Also planned is a Uganda Safari and in Rwanda which is as well guided by Werner Schröder from NABU Germany.

Murchison Falls belong to the most impressive natural features during this Uganda Safari and Gorillas and Chimpanzee tour. 300 cubic meter of water rush through a very narrow gorge. You will visit it from below by boat and from up by car. 

Queen Elizabeth National Park is home to some mammal species hard to find in other regions. Among those are Oribi, Uganda Kob, Rothschild or also called Uganda Giraffes and Patas Monkeys. Other savanna dwellers are Zebras, Elephants and many others. The park has approximately 100 mammal and 600 bird species! Your Uganda Safari Guide will show you a good number. It is one of the most rewarding parks on a Uganda Safari.

Uganda is a land locked country in East Africa. It borders Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania. Almost half of Lake Victoria belongs to Uganda as do parts of the Lakes Albert and Edward. Mountains, savanna, forests, River Nile and agriculture patch up the land part. While driving through the land on our Uganda Safari you will encounter many impressions.

Uganda was a Kingdom called Buganda. They achieved independency in 1962 and were ruled by Milton Obote and Idi Amin from 1966 -1986. Their horrible actions are well known. President Museveni has been leading Uganda since 1986 up to today and keeps the country quite stable. The capital town is Kampala.

Geography: the lowest point is at 610 m above sea level a the lower Albert’s Rift / White Nile, the highest peak over towers with 5.110 m in the Ruwenzori mountains (Margherita Peak and Mount Stanley). Uganda covers 241.038 km², has a population of 41.6 Mio. and a human population density of around 230 / km².

Vegetation: the northeastern part of Uganda is semi arid. Large portions of the country are covered by savannas, rain forest, mountain forest and the typical highland plants. Nearly 1/5 is covered by water.

The Ruwenzori Mountains also called “Mountains of the moon” are along the border of Uganda and DRC. The highest peak reaches 5.109 m above sea level. It is a splendid view towards these snow-capped mountains. The Ruwenzori Mountains are the largest block mountains South of the Sahara desert not of volcanic origin. They got lifted up due to tectonic and volcanic activities in the region in the far history. Part of the boundaries with Kenya and Tanzania crosses the largest lake in Africa, Lake Victoria.

Climate: tropical climate prevails along the equator. Cool to cold weather and humid conditions are to be expected at higher altitudes mainly at night.

Rainy seasons can be from September to November and March to May. Climate change is influencing rain patterns also in Africa.

Protected areas: 9 National Parks and 6 Reserves protect the unique nature. You will get to know some on our Uganda Safari

Highlights on your Uganda Safari:
Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking, Murchison Fall, various primates, Uganda Kob, Shoebill Stork and amazing landscapes

Here we introduce one possible Uganda Safari itinerary to you.

Best Uganda Safari impressive Gorillas and Chimpanzees 15 days
The listed accommodation on this Uganda Safari are mid to high standard. Some places have a variety of accommodation in different price categories to choose from so we can meet your budget.

For birders we will provide a special Uganda Safari itinerary and birding guides

A short video from our client Christof from their Uganda Safari

Day 1 – Arrival in Uganda
Upon your arrival in Entebbe you will be greeted and taken to the hotel. It is just a 10 minutes drive and tomorrow morning you will wake up with the view to Lake Victoria.
Protea Hotel, breakfast

Day 2 – Kampala – Murchison Falls
Start of your Uganda Safari. You have the choice to fly from Entebbe to Murchison Falls or enjoy a 5 hour drive to get an impression of Uganda’s landscapes and lifestyle. The journey is 350 km, ¾ tarmac and ¼ rough roads. You will stop above the Murchison Falls to see the water pressing into the narrow gorge and cross River Nile. Lunch will be on the way. The lodge situated on the bank of the River Nile will be reached later in the afternoon. Enjoy the fantastic view!
Paraa Lodge, full board

Day 3 – Murchison National Park
Boat rides are always an adventure! In the morning the boat will take you to the Lake Albert Delta. This delta is an important birding area and declared a Ramsar Site. Hopefully you will spot the unique Shoebill Stork, the semi-aquatic Sitatunga antelope but for sure hippos and Nile Crocodiles will be present. Here the water flows slowly and is calm. If the weather is clear you can see the Volcano Mountains in DRC. We advise photographers to hire their own boat so you can stop and stay where you like.

You will return to the lodge for lunch.

The boat ride in the afternoon will take you below the Murchison Falls. It is a spectacular sight to see 300 cubic meter of water per second shoot through the gorge.
Paraa Lodge, full board

Day 4 – Murchison National Park
Today you enjoy game drives in the vehicle. You will have time to search for Lions, Elephants, Rothschild or also called Uganda Giraffe and many more.
Paraa Lodge, full board

Day 5 – Murchison National Park – Kabwoya Reserve
The drive today takes you along the scenic Lake Albert to Kabwoya Reserve further in the South in the Albert Rift. At lunchtime you will have reached the lodge and already done a short game drive.

In the afternoon a guide will take you round on foot. Take the opportunity to pay attention to smaller creatures. Here and at Murchison Fall National Park you have the option to go on a night game drive to observe nocturnal animals like Bush Babies, White-tailed Mongoose, grazing hippos and others.

If you like you can have a bush dinner which is always a lovely experience.
Lake Albert Lodge, full board

 Day 6 – Kabwoya – Kibale National Park
You can participate on a guided walk to the lake in the morning. Thereafter have lunch. Departure is early afternoon on a rough road (4 hours, 150 km) that takes you to Kibale National Park.
Primate Lodge Kibale, full board

Day 7 – Kibale National Park
Early morning you will be driven to the starting point of the Chimpanzee trekking. It can take hours or just a short while on narrow partly slippery paths until you will find them. But to spend time with these amazing apes is worth all the effort! The ranger will inform you how to behave near the Chimpanzees.

Lunch and a deserved break at the lodge.

Since Uganda is home of 20 different primate species. You will have a guided walk at the Bigodi Wetland in the afternoon to look for some of them: Uganda Mangabe (Lophocebus ugandae), L’Hoest Monkey (Allochrocebus lhoesti, Syn.: Cercopithecus lhoesti), Western Colobus (Colobus guereza occidentalis), Diademed Monkey (Cercopithecus mitis stuhlmanni) and Uganda Red Colobus (Piliocolobus tephrosceles). But also other mammals can be seen like Sitatunga, Bush Buck, Bush pig, Otter and others. The place has 138 bird species and among them is the striking Great Blue Turaco.
Primate Lodge Kibale, full board

Day 8 – Kibale National Park
After breakfast you will be taken to habituated Chimpanzees. They are not tame but used to people. But still you follow the advice of your guide to avoid unpleasant situations. You will carry packed lunch to spend hours observing the behaviour of these interesting apes. Return to the lodge in the afternoon.
Primate Lodge Kibale, full board

Day 9 – Kibale National Park – Queen Elizabeth National Park
Your journey takes you further South to Queen Elizabeth National Park. The drive of around 3 hours is half on tarmac and half on rough road. You will reach the lodge in the heart of the park for lunch with view to Lake Edward, Ruwenzori and Virunga Mountains in DRC. The volcanic range reaching up to 5.109 m is partly the border between Uganda and DRC. Enjoy the view before you go for an afternoon game drive.
Mweya Safari Lodge, full board

Day 10 – Queen Elizabeth National Park
Kazinga Channel is famous for its bird life but also Hippos, Sitatunga, Water Bucks, Elephants and Nile Crocodiles. The water flows very slowly and so travels the boat you are on. Best time is morning hours. For photographer we advise to hire a private boat.

Kazinga Channel is connecting the Lakes Edward and George and is 32 km long. The water flows very slowly through vegetation and sand banks fringing the channel.

Enjoy lunch at the lodge.

In the afternoon you visit the Katwe Explosion Craters. There are several craters in an area of 210 km2. The largest has a diameter of around 3 km. Heated gas and steam has lead to the explosions which were happening during the last 1 Million years.
Mweya Safari Lodge, full board

Day 11 – Queen Elizabeth National Park
Either game drives in the heart of the park in search of Patas Monkeys, which can run very fast running on the ground, Oribi, Uganda Kob and others.

Or in the morning you visit Kyambura Gorge where Chimpanzees and Uganda Red-tailed Monkeys occur. Lunch in the lodge and in the afternoon you participate on a guided walk in Maramagambo Forest. Here you can find a number of primates: Chimpanzee, Western Colobus, L’Hoest Monkey, Uganda Red-tailed Monkey, Green Monkey and Olive Baboon.

It depends on your preferences which program you choose.
Mweya Safari Lodge, full board

Day 12 – Queen Elizabeth National Park, Southern Ishasha
A distance further south is the area famous for tree climbing lions. It is not that they only do it here but the chances to witness this are very high in Southern Ishasha. The drive takes you along Ishasha River to reach the southern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

You will arrive at the lodge shortly before lunch time and the afternoon is spent on a game drive.
Ishasha Wilderness Camp, full board

Day 13 – Southern Ishasha – Bwindi impenetrable Forest
The morning is dedicated to look for the tree lions. Lunch is awaiting you at Enjojo before the journey to your lodge will start.
Engagi Lodge, full board

Day 14 – Gorilla Trekking – Uganda Safari
The big day is here – you put on your trekking shoes and might carry a walking stick to help you balance on the steep and sometimes slippery path. You might start the trek while mist is still hanging in the mountains and trees but sunshine might catch up with you. Any effort is worth to have the opportunity to spend time with these wonderful apes.

Rangers and guides will give you instructions how to behave near the Gorillas.

The afternoon is spent in the beautiful lodge and get a deserved rest.
Engagi Lodge, full board

Day 15 – Bwindi impenetrable Forest – Entebbe
You can fly comfortably from Kihihi airstrip to Entebbe in the morning and visit for example the amazing Kampala botanic garden or rest in day room until it is time to get to the airport.

If you like driving from Bwindi to Entebbe then an overnight en route must be added for example at the beautiful Lake Mburu. The stretch is too long for 1 day.

You can also add a visit to the Golden Monkeys (Cercopithecus kandti) in the southwestern corner of Uganda in Mgahinga National Park – this is also a great experience.

Relax at Lake Mutanda with its amazing view or once back in Kampala spend a day at Mabamba Swamp where chances are highest to find the Shoebill Stork.

Some impressions from Uganda Safari

How is your best Uganda Safari impressive Gorillas and Chimpanzees conducted?

We will take care of you from the moment of your arrival at Entebbe airport for your Uganda Safari and up to the drop off at the airport

You will be driven in a 4×4 Safari vehicle with roof opening. An experienced English speaking driver/guide will explain a lot to you during your Uganda Safari and take you to the places of interest

Local guides and rangers will guide you on Gorilla, Chimpanzee and Golden Monkey trekkings and walks and ensure you will see a lot and be safe

The standard of accommodation Uganda Safari will be adjusted to your budget. Here we have listed mid to high end lodges and hotels. Most destinations have a selection of different accommodation in various price and standard categories. This enables us to be very flexible to suit your wishes.

Season, standard of accommodation and number of participants influence the price. We therefore don’t indicate a price here. Please contact us for any enquiries.

All our Uganda tours can be tailor-made according to your wishes and interests.