Enjoy the beauty of our wilderness in Kenya and Tanzania. This is possible in different areas, either on day trips or round trips with overnights in mobile tented camps.

For all horse riding adventures good riding skills are required. You must be in a position to control your horse in any situation and speed. The horses are used to walk in the wild.


Samples for round trips in Tanzania:

The Experience of your Lifetime – watch migratory herds from horseback. The wildebeest migration in East Africa alone comprises the largest movement of land animals on this planet.

Located in Tanzania’s north there are several routes where animals migrate: Most popular is the Serengeti  - migration inside Serengeti National park boundaries – this is accessible by vehicles only. Ideal to view from horseback is the so-called Amboseli – migration (animals migrating in the game corridor between Amboseli in Kenya, Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro) and the Tarangire – migration (herds migrating between Tarangire and Lake Manyara National park.

Our migration rides take place in private concession areas or Wildlife Management areas. During our Amboseli-migration ride we track herds in the game corridor between Amboseli National park, Kilimanjaro and Arusha National park.





The great “Out of Africa” experience on horseback! Follow Hemingway’s footsteps over the western game corridor of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Enjoy the diverse scenery and flora and fauna, from the montane forest to the western savannah, where African animals roam freely as they have for thousands of years. This safari is designed for experienced riders and offers breathtaking views, exhilarating canters and close contact with wildlife such as elephant, zebra, eland, wildebeest – to name but a few. Enjoy the 24 hour bush-experience, lighted by lanterns, listening to animal voices next tot the camp fire.... and much more.

Make a dream come true and join 8 – 12 days trips. Please ask us for detailed programs and dates.




Horse back riding on Manyara Ranch Conservancy

You will ride through interesting landscapes rich of wildlife.






Samples for round trips in Kenya:

From Ol Donyo Wuas on the foot of the Chyulu Hills (between Tsavo West and Amboseli) you undertake day trips on horse back or go for several days spending the nights in mobile tented camps in the wilderness.





11 days:  You ride along the Masai Mara Game reserve and sleep in large tents of the mobile camp at different places.

or 7 days ride along Masai Mara without stay on the ranch.

Please contact us for prices and dates.







11 days from Namanga to Chyulu: You ride along the Tanzanian border, cross Amboseli National park and spend time on the plains south of the Chyulu Hills. The last 2 days are spent on a farm near Nakuru. You have the option to visit Lake Bogoria or Lake Nakuru National park.





11 days on the Laikipia Plateau west of Mount Kenia: You ride through conservancies like Lewa Downs and Borana and ranches with good populations of wild animals. With clear weather you will see Mount Kenya..


Please write to us for detailed programs, dates and rates!




More places offering horse back riding:

Borana Ranch and Lewa Wilderness - read more under Laikipia Plateau.

Sandai Ranch on the northern slope of the Aberdares