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Mount Kilimanjaro’s highest point is on Kibo (Uhuru peak) with
5,896 m. It is the highest mountain in Africa. This stratovolcano has 3 volcanoes: Kibo (meaning the bright one) or Uhuru, Shira and Mawenzi. Shira and Mawenzi are extinct, while Kibo is dormant. It is estimated that Kilimanjaro erupted 750,000 years ago and the last major eruption of Kibo was about 360,000 years ago. Minor activities were around 200 years ago. The roof of Africa how this majestic mountain is also called is covered with snow and ice on the highest areas. In recent years this beautiful cap is unfortunately melting away.

The book “ The Snows of Kilimanjaro” by Ernest Hemingway and in the film with Clark Gable made this mountain more famous.

Kilimanjaro National Park covers around 756 kmē and was gazetted 1973. Within the park are the 3 distinctive volcanoes Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo, mountain and bamboo forest, heather zone, frozen areas and permanent snow and ice. While going up the mountain to experience the sun rise from the top you pass all of them. To know more about Kilimanjaro please click here.



Those who would like to see the mountain closer but not go on the top could spend time at Moshi and undertake day excursions. Lodges and hotels are nearby.

Those who like to reach the peak find a proposal here. Prices depend on the standard/equipment of the organizer and on the number of participants. We can work out your individual route with more days for better acclimatisation or if you wish to join a group please let us know your time frame and we will look for suitable tours.







Combination Mt. Kenya - Safari im Amboseli National park - Kilimanjaro via Western Breach  with full service Euro 5.250.-

Included: with flights from Germany (other departure countries subject to actual rates), KiNaPa Guides at Kilimanjaro, experienced guide at Mt. Kenya, porters, park entry fees, full board, local transfers, 2 overnights in Moshi and Nairobi, insurance and registration of crew, 2-men tents, air port transfers

19. December 2018 - 6. January 2019
2. - 20. February 2019
1. - 19. June 2019
31. July - 18. August 2019

Kilimanjaro Trekking up on gently ascending Rongai-Mawenzi Route down on Marangu Route - great landscapes and a lot of different sceneries- full service Euro 3.380.-:

6. - 15. October 2018
20. - 29. October 2018
1. - 10. November 2018
27. December 2018 - 5. January 2019
11. - 20. January 2019
24. January - 2. February 2019
9. - 18. February 2019
28. February - 9. March 2019
2. - 11. March 2019
30. March - 8. April 2019
1. - 10. June 2019
12. -21. June 2019
28. June - 7. July 2019
26. July - 4. August 2019
2. - 11. August 2019
16. - 25. August 2019
31. August - 9. September 2019
13. - 22. September 2019
6. - 15. October 2019
27. December 2018 - 5. January 2020

Full service price: 3.380,00 € with flights from Germany (other departure countries subject to discussion), KiNaPa Guides, porters, park entry fees, full board, local transfers, 2 overnights in Moshi, insurance and registration of crew, 2-men tents, air port transfers

Not included: Visa, insurances, personal equipment and medicines, snacks, alcoholic drinks, not listed services, tips

The hike will be lead by an experienced and certified local guide. With more than 8 participants one of the professional mountain climbers from Europe will take you pt the mountain. The minimum clients is 2 the maximum 12. Private tours with professional mountain climber can be arranged at the date of your wish.

Before or after the mountains you can spend days on a safari or on Zanzibar.

Mount Meru & Kilimanjaro Full service price Euro 4.400.-, services as above

A fantastic combination of mountains in Tanzania: After the Mount Meru trekking you will be well acclimatizised and get up to the peak of  Kilimanjaro via Lemosho Route & Western Breach Wall. It can also be arranged to do a more challenging mountain tour with a camp at the crater (5700m) and extensive exploration of the summit plateau (13 Tage).

25. December 2018 - 6. January 2019
3. - 15. February 2019
12. - 25. July 2019
4. - 17. August 2019
17. - 30. August 2019
25. December 2019 - 6. January 2020


Kilimanjaro Machame Route sample day plan

Often called the “Whiskey Route” this is a scenically beautiful trail, longer and much gentler than Umbwe or Marangu (the “Coca Cola Route”). Our itinerary provides valuable acclimatization by having an extra day, but shorter walking days during the trek. We’d love to organise any route you wish, like Rongai - Marangu combination or Lemosho.

DAY 1: You can reach Arusha either by plane or by road from Nairobi. Dinner and overnight at a hotel in or near Arusha.

DAY 2: After breakfast transfer to Machame Gate (100 km) and (1850 m) where your hike starts after an introduction to your crew. Today's hike takes only 6 hours (15 km) and takes you through the natural rain forest and giant heather between River Weru and Makoa to the Machame Hut at 3000 m.DAY 3:

Today's hike takes (5-6 hours/8 km) and leads you down a gorge where you cross several dry riverbeds before ascending a cliff. Here you can view the Shira Plateau, the oldest of Kilimanjaro's 3 calderas and enjoy a well-deserved lunch break. The last part to Shira hut at 3800 m takes you past Shira cave to Shira Hut on level ground before ascending a rocky platform where the hut is situated.

DAY 4: After breakfast at 7.00 a.m. you leave Shira Hut for a long hike (7-8 hours) to Karanga Valley on the southern circuit. The path takes you through sparse vegetation to the start of the alpine desert where you branch to Barranco Hut leaving the Lava Tower Rock on your left. Lunch will be taken at the Barranco Hut where Western Breach Ascenders will spend their night while the others proceed for another 2-3 hours to the Karanga Valley camp site.

DAY 5: Non Technical Climbers. After filling the water containers at the Karanga River the hike takes you to Barafu Hut at
4600 m. The path soon leaves after a 2 hours gentle walk the moorland and dry heather and takes you through a steep rocky section to Barafu Hut for a magnificent view of Kibo, Mawenzi and the plains below. The hike takes about 4 to 5 hours.

Technical Climbers Climbers choosing to ascend via western breach will have to hike up to the Arrow Hut which is damaged by an avalanche at 4800 m. The path leads you direct in direction of the western breach, past the orange rocks of the Lava Tower Hut and finally through steep scree to a platform at the base of the western breach where you will spend your night in tents.

DAY 6: Non Technical Climbers. After a short night and a hot drink, the final ascend starts at between midnight and 1.00 am. This section is getting gradually steeper as you zigzag for 5-6 hours the frozen scree or depending on the season the frozen snow fields before you reach at sunrise the Stella point (5700 m) on the crater rim from where you can watch sunrise and the magnificent ice fields. After a short break, you then proceed along the crater rim to the Uhuru peak (5895 m) reaching there at about 8.30 am. After your summit photo and meeting the technical climbers coming from the west you then descend to Barafu Hut for lunch before dropping to Mweka Hut (3100 m) where the night will be spent in tents.

Technical Climbers. After a short night and a hot drink, the final ascend starts at between midnight and 1.00 am. This section is still a non-technical route but climbers should be familiar with the use of ropes and ice axes as well as walking with crampons. After a 4-5 hours walk on steep scree, which is often snow covered, you reach the crater rim at the Great West notch where you have to use your hands to reach the crater floor. After another 2 1/2 hours pat the Rebmann glacier and a steep rocky section you will meet the 'non-technical colleagues' at the Uhuru Peak. After your summit photo you descend via Barafu Hut to Mweka Hut at 3100 m.

DAY 7: The final leg which takes about 4 hours starts heading for Mweka gate (1400 m). Here you will be awarded your certificate before proceeding with your program.

You can spend a well deserved night at Arusha or Moshi, fly back to Nairobi or start your safari in Tanzania or Kenya. Or travel to the coast to relax.

There are different routes on Kilimanjaro. Please ask us for shorter or longer itineraries. We only work with reliable mountaineers to spare you non pleasant experiences by booking along the road.

Important: Climbers must be prepared to walk for up to 9 hours a day and on the day of the Uhuru peak ascend, for up to 14 hours.
Western Breach climbers have to bring an ice axe and crampons.
Our porters carry 8 kg of personal climbing gear.










On the way up you see Kilimanjaro in different light and angles.















Senecio and Mount Meru in the back.

Some routes like Western breach have some rougher parts.
Good equipment helps to get past them.














And the moment you succeeded in reaching Uhuru Peak
you are rewarded with a sunrise over Mawenzi.

Glaciers with Mount Meru in the back.














Still some large glaciers can be admired, despite the shrinking process continues.















View into the crater. Photos by Julian Beermann, professional mountain climber








You would like to see Kilimanjaro from different views without hiking up? You can do that by staying at Hatari Lodge at the Arusha National park and move around the Mount Kilimanjaro to spend time at Shu’mata Camp which lies at the Northern slope of Kilimanjaro overlooking Amboseli area.

You can shift from one camp to the other by car, horse back in a 7 days trip or by plane.