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Mt. Kenya is the second highest mountain Africa's, 5,199 m. The active phase of this extinct volcano ended 2,6 to 3,1 Millions of years ago. Erosion changed its shape and nowadays it is hard to recognise that it as a shield volcano. It has 3 main peaks: Batian (5'199 m), Nelion (5,188 m) and
Lenana (4,985 m).

Batian, the highest peak was first climbed on in 1899. Batian and Nelion are only reachable by experienced climbers and appropriate equipment. Point Lenana doesn't require high technical skills but stamina and fitness. Many hikers reach here and are rewarded by a splendid sunrise. You hike through bamboo forest, mountain forest, heather, senecio, lobelia, stones, ice and snow.

The area around Mt. Kenya is very fertile and therefore white settlers built there farms here. The tribe of the Kikuyus believes that God has its place on top of Mt. Kenya. Jomo Kenyatta describes this nicely in his book “Facing Mount Kenya”.







Mountain hiking: We work with reliable and experienced mountaineers.

Photos below by Felix Berg

Chogoria Route full service price Euro 2.280.- which includes flight from Germany (from other departure places subject to actual prices), park entries, guides, porters, full board, local transfers and overnights in Nairobi. Climbing option possible! with more than 8 participants a European mounteneer will lead the group.

Not included: Visa, insurances, personal equipment and medicine, alcoholic drinks, snacks, not listed services, tips

Only Mt. Kenya: from Euro 1.050.-, includes transfers from/to Nairobi, experienced local guide, porters, full board, park & camping fees, assistance in emergency

19. - 27. December 2018
2. - 9. February 2019
1. - 10. June 2019
31. July- 8. August 2019

Mount Kenya - Safari in Amboseli National park and trekking up Kilimanjaro full service price Euro 5.250.-

Included: Flight from Germany, Guides, porters, park entries, full board, local transfers, safari in Minibus with overnight in Sentrim Amboseli Lodge full board

Not included: Visa, insurances, personal equipment and medicines, snacks, drinks, not listed services, tips. Yellow fever vaccination is mandatory.

19. December 2018 - 6. January 2019
1. - 21. February 2019
1.-19. June 2019
31. July - 18. August 2019

Samples of routes on Mount Kenya wich can be adjusted to your wishes:




This route uses the gentlest ascent track on the mountain but it’s also the most spectacular. Passing up through montane forest, bamboo and heather zones we follow the Mackinder Valley with its “Star Trek” vegetation of giant groundsel and lobelias. The 3 million year old volcano has been eroded by ice and glaciers to produce spectacular chasms, jagged peaks and the “U” shaped valleys and waterfalls.

DAY 1: Nairobi - Mt. Kenya
An extra day ahead of the mountain trek to travel to the Base Lodge to make preparations for the trek tomorrow. Departure time from Nairobi is 08.00 a.m. so that you have the whole afternoon to do an acclimatization nature walk through the forest preferably to the Mau Mau caves, the former hideouts for Kenya's independence fighters who resisted British colonial rule in the 1950s. The resident naturalist talks about their history and survival techniques but also you learn about the flora and fauna of the area and its ecology. Optional you can visit the Sweet Waters game reserve. Dinner and overnight Mountain Rock Lodge

DAY 2: Mountain Rock Lodge - Old Moses Camp (3'300 m)
ou depart from the lodge at 8.30 a.m. to the Sirimon park gate (2660 m) to meet with guides and porters for the trek. The drive to Sirimon Park gate crosses the equator and takes less than 2 hours. On completion of park entry formalities, you begin a 3-4 hour hike from 2'600 m through tropical mountain forest, bamboo forest, rosewood and heather zones to Old Moses camp (3'300 m). The forest and bamboo are home to hundreds of buffaloes, elephants, bushbucks and bird species. There are some beautiful photographic opportunities at various points along the trek. Picnic on the way, overnight Old Moses Camp.

DAY 3: Old Moses Camp - Shipton's Camp (4'200 m)
Today's trek is reasonably lengthy lasting for 6 - 7 hours. You start hiking at 8.30 a.m., after your breakfast and traverse the moor land zone rich in Giant Lobelia, Senecio plants and high altitude mountain hyrax on your way to Shiptons camp (4'200 m). Picnic lunch is served enroute. There is scenic view of the 3 peaks all along the Mackinder’s valley, which you can capture on film every time the sky clears up.

DAY 4: Shipton's Camp - Teleki Hut - Pt. Lenana (4'985 m) -  Campsite (3'300 m)
After an early morning breakfast at 4.00 a.m., the path leads via a steep scree to the Austrian Hut at 4790 m. A short break you face the challenge to reach point Lenana via Lewis Glacier. After your summit photo you will descend on the northern side via Simba Cole to the Mintos Hut (4200 m) for lunch. The descend continues down the northeastern slopes towards Chogoria passing on the ridge of the Gorge Valley and overlooking Lake Michelson. Your final night of your Mt. Kenya adventure will be spent at 3300 m in a fly camp at the road head.

DAY 5: Hall Tarn - Chogoria
ou further proceed with the descend and overnight in the Chogoria Bandas.

DAY 6: Mt. Kenya - Nairobi
epart to Nairobi after breakfast.

















DAY 1: Nairobi - Forest Castle Lodge (2'000 m)
eave Nairobi at 10.00 a.m. and drive to the southern slopes of Mt. Kenya for lunch at the Forest Castle Lodge. In the afternoon you can walk around the scenic environment with high chances of coming across elephants and buffaloes. Dinner and overnight at the campsite close by.

DAY 2: Forest Castle Lodge - Old forest station (2'400 m)
There is no need for an early breakfast in the humid and misty climate. Only 4 hours walk through bamboo forest to the old forest station, where you will spend the night in tents. Picnic lunch.

DAY 3: Forest Castle Lodge - Thigu River (3'750 m)
oday’s hike (about 6 hours) takes you through dense bamboo forest. The fly camp is already set up just beside the Thigu River. Lunch enroute.

DAY 4: Thigo River camp (3'750 m) - Mackinder's Camp (4'250 m)
After a good night's rest your 6 hours walk continues through the bamboo forest to the heath and moorland to the camp.

DAY 5: Mackinder's Camp (4'250 m) - Point Lenana (4'895 m) - Majors Camp (4'210 m)
fter an early morning breakfast at 4.00 a.m., you will start the days hike which leads via a steep scree to the Austrian Hut at 4'790 m. After a short break final ascend of point Lenana via Lewis Glacier. You shall descend on the northern side via Simba Cole to Majors camp (4'210 m). The hike inclusive of the lunch break at the Hinde valley takes about 12 hours.







DAY 6: Majors camp (4'210 m) - Marania Camp  You further descend to Marania camp.

DAY 7: Marania camp - Sweet Waters tented camp Laikipia
Descend through West Marania to Road head on Timau trail where lunch will be waiting for you. After bidding farewell to your crew you will be transferred to Sweet Waters tented camp from where you capture the magnificent view of the snow capped Mount Kenya peaks which you just have conquered. As you enjoy a delicious dinner overlooking a waterhole, a variety of wildlife quenching their thirst will crown your evening joy.

DAY 8: Sweet Waters - Nairobi  Drive back to Nairobi.

Picture sunrise with Kilimanjaro 300 km away.










Chogoria Valley

Point John with Senecio plants








Climbers must be prepared to walk up to 12 hours
Climbers must bring their own climbing gears (crampons may be useful)

There are several other routes to Mt. Kenya as well combined with rock climbing in different degrees. Please contact us for detailed information.

Taking time on the mountain increases the chance to reach the top.
















Who ever does not wish to climb the mountain but still likes to experience the mountain region can spend some time in one of the lodges listed below.














Mt. Kenia Safari Club is built on the slopes of Mt. Kenya near Nanyuki. From the rooms and the compound you have a great view to Mt. Kenya.. 

Activities: hiking, golf, tennis, horse back riding, trout fishing.





With support of the Wildlife Funds of the late actor William Holden Mountain Bongos Bongos (Tragelaphus (Boocercus) euryceros isaaci) were dislocated from zoos to Mount Kenya. You can see them at the orphanage at Mount Kenya Safari Club. Here they breed successfully and maybe there are young when you visit. They are rarely seen in the wild since they live in forests and are shy. In the orphanage further animals which are hard to see in the wild are kept – caracal, suni, pata’s monkeys and others.







Serena Mountain Lodge is on the Southeast side of Mt. Kenya on 2,194 m within the mountain forest. 42 rooms decorated with African art and view to the waterhole.

Activities: Hiking, guided nature walks, animal observations from the bunker or from your room, trout fishing, massage.










On the Northwest slopes of Mt. Kenya lies the cosy, a bit more modest  Mountain Rock Lodge.

Activities: Hiking, mountain climbing






Naro Moru River Lodge is situated on the West side of Mt. Kenya on 2,135 m. From here you can start hiking Mount Kenya or you could just enjoy the fresh air, silence and luxury. 

Activities: Hiking, horse back riding, sauna, tennis, trout fishing, swimming in the heated swimming pool.