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Ornithologists are very welcomed. We will create a program especially for you to areas rich in bird life and variety. These can be protected or not protected areas. Some endangered or endemic species occur outside parks/reserves. You have the choice to indentify birds on your own or to be accompanied by a specialist. Some of our drivers are much interested in birds and therefore also have good knowledge of them.

Herpetological excursion: This is for sure a more special department. Since we are not allowed to leave the car within National parks and most reserves it is better to search for them in those areas where we can move on foot. For this excursion we advise you to go with a specialist. Please note that if you like to catch snakes you do it on your own risk. Also important is that now animal gets hurt. Kenya does not allow the export of any wildlife or products of them. From Tanzania some species can be exported with the required approval and documents.

Botanical excursions: East Africa is a paradise for botanists. Every area has its own species of trees, shrubs and small plants. The best time to identify plants is during rains when many will start flowering and will therefore be easier to identify. And of course they are more attractive. You can be accompanied by a specialist.


Active safaris:

Mountain hiking

Amazing mountains are waiting for you in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda:

Best know are for sure Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro. Different routes with different levels of difficulties lead you on both of them. For those who do not want to climb but reach the peaks we can organise routes with reliable guides and porters. For those who wish to climb it is advised to have a professional climber to guide you. Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya can also be combined. Important is for all high mountains to calculate enough time for acclimatisation. If someone doesn’t make it to the top it is mostly because of going up too fast and not allowing your body enough time to adjust to the altitude.

A good start for the high altitude mountains is Mount Meru and it as well a very fascinating and interesting extinct volcano. It is overlooking Arusha town and therefore not far from Kilimanjaro.

Are you interested in volcanism? Then the best place to see lava flowing and spitting is the still active volcano Ol Donyo Lengai. It is a bit steep but does not require special technical skills. You can reach the top the same day by leaving very early in the morning or give yourself time and take 2 to 3 days.

The boundary between Uganda and Kenya is partly marked by the long stretched extinct volcano Mount Elgon. It is possible to cross from either side.

Sometimes Felix Berg organises tours to Ruwenzori – a very special experience!

For those who love walking through nature we offer guided tours through fantastic landscapes. Near Ngorongoro Crater, Empakai Crater and Ol Donyo Lengai we offer trekking with donkeys and Maasais. This is a new program and please ask us for details.


Walking with camels through rough areas is an unforgettable experience. Nomadic tribes keep them to carry their belongings and for milk and meat because they can coop better with drought than cows and goats. You have the choice between 1 day trips or for a longer circuit with camping equipment. Different standards from different starting points are available.

In our special Turkana expedition is a camel trekking embedded.






Horse back riding with wildlife:

In Kenya as well as in Tanzania different program where you can experience wildlife from the horse back are available. It is your choice to undertake rides from a lodge or go for a circuit with sleeping in the bush in mobile tented camps.





Charter flights

Why not experience Kenya or Tanzania from the air? You would like to avoid the long rides on the road and be independent of flight schedules then charter flights are the right solution for you. At the same time you can experience a scenic flight over amazing areas.

Christian Strebel who was born in Switzerland has been operation charter flights for many years from Nairobi. You will not forget a flight with him! I had the great opportunity to sit beside him over wonderful areas, yes, even up to the clouds. He knows all areas and can land in areas you can’t imagine.

Fly over Chalbi desert to Lake Turkana, over Kilimanjaro (over it start in Tanzania), the still active volcano Oldonyo Lengai or any other destination of your interest.

Yellow Wings
Christian Strebel
Yellow Wings Berge



Helicopter flights

Either as scenic flight or transfer to your next destination.

Not far from the ground you can see every detail below. For example pass the Great Rift Valley and land at Lake Magadi for a picnic. You will pass amazing rock walls, valleys and get to see the flamingos.

Choose an area you are interested in and we will make it happen.

Helicopter flight