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The Indian Ocean, coastal areas partly forested to savannahs, semi-deserts, mountain forests, fresh water and soda lakes, rivers, glaciers and rainforests provide a huge range of different biotopes and are responsible for the big variety of bird species. Currently more than 1.400 registered species, of which around 100 are migratory birds, occur in East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. You find little brown birds, very colourful species and majestic vultures and eagles. Parks and sanctuaries have between 300 and over 550 registered bird species. East Africa is a paradise for ornithologists. But also non birders will be fascinated by some of the impressive birds.

Many species are spread all over the continent, but several are endemic and only occur in small ranges. We as the specialists know where to find them.

Pictures are listed in the same order as in most bird books.

Pictures taken by Elvira Wolfer, Sammy Mugo (Ornithologist and safari guide) and clients.







Collared Sunbird




Green-headed Sunbird (Cyanomitra verticalis) is found from Central Kenya towards the West, around Lake Victoria and West Tanzania. Male behind


Collared Sunbird (Hedydipna collaris), male.
A small sunbird quite widely spread in forested areas in Africa.










Beautiful Sunbird (Cinnyris puchella melanogastra).
Widespread in dry areas with 2 subspecies

Red-Chested Sunbird (Cinnyris erythrocerca).
Lake Victoria basin
. Foto Marina Meger








Northern Double-collared Sunbird (Cinnyris preussi). Centrakenyal to
Uganda between 1700-2800 m. It overlaps with Eastern double-collared
Sunbird in Aberdare/Mt. Kenya region
. Foto Marina Meger, Uganda

Eastern couble-collared Sunbird (Cinnyris mediocris). Can be found
in highlands. The red breast band is slightly narrower than in the
Northern double-collared sunbird.




Olive bellied sunbird



Variable Sunbird (Cinnyris venusta). Widespread in Africa,
colour variations possible.

Olive-bellied Sunbird (Cinnyris chloropygius) occurs from
West Kenya to Ivory coast. Photo Marina Meger, Uganda








Purple-banded Sunbird (Cinnyris bifasciata). In West and
coastal Kenya and Tanzania. Picture from Zanzibar.

Marico Sunbird (Cinnyris mariquensis) can be
found in a wide range around Lake Victoria.






Black-bellied Sunbird (Cinnyris nectarinoides) only has a
small distribution area along Tana and Ewaso Nyro rivers, Samburu.








Amethyst (Black) Sunbird (Chalcomitra amethystina) is found in
woodland, gardens and at forest edges from East to Southern Africa.

Hunter’s Sunbird (Chalcomitra hunteri) is found in North and
Eastern Kenya in drier regions than Scarlet-chested Sunbird.








Scarlet-chested Sunbird (Chalcomitra senegalensis
lamperti). Widespread.

Female Scarlet-chested sunbird building a nest. Tiredless plant
material is brought. The male does not help building the nest.








Bronze Sunbird (Nectarinia k.kilimensis).
Common above 1.200 m.

Bronze Sunbird, female sucking nectar on an aloe








Goldenwinged Sunbird (Nectarinia reichenowi) in
highlands in Kenya and Northtanzania.

Tacazze Sunbird (Nectarinia tacazze) is only to be
found in Kenya and Tanzania higland forests above 1.800 m.







Scarlet-tufted Sunbird (Nectarinia johnstoni johnstoni)
is found in highlands above 3.000 m in Kenya and Tanzania.
Photo Julian Beermann, Kilimanjaro

Eastern Violet-backed Sunbird (Anthreptes orientalis) occurs in Kenya exept in
the West, at the coast and in Northeastern Tanzania. It occurs in  dry areas.



Abessynian White Eye
Yellow White eye




Abessynian White-Eye (Zosterops abyssinicus). Common in wooded
areas from 1400 to 3400 m in parts of Northeastern Africa. Often
in small groups. Several subspecies.


African Yellow White-eye (Zosterops senegalensis) is
widespread in Africa in several subspecies.




Montane White eye


Montane or broad-ringed White-eye (Zosterops poliogastrus) is found in montane forests in Ethiopia, Central Kenya and Usambara region in Tanzania. Photo Marina Meger