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The Indian Ocean, coastal areas partly forested to savannahs, semi-deserts, mountain forests, fresh water and soda lakes, rivers, glaciers and rainforests provide a huge range of different biotopes and are responsible for the big variety of bird species. Currently more than 1.400 registered species, of which around 100 are migratory birds, occur in East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. You find little brown birds, very colourful species and majestic vultures and eagles. Parks and sanctuaries have between 300 and over 550 registered bird species. East Africa is a paradise for ornithologists. But also non birders will be fascinated by some of the impressive birds.

Many species are spread all over the continent, but several are endemic and only occur in small ranges. We as the specialists know where to find them.

Species are listed in the same order as in most bird books.

Pictures taken by Elvira Wolfer, Lorenzo Barelli and clients








Common Rock Thrush (Monticola saxatilis) is a fairly common
palearctic migrant to East Africa. Spring plumage.

Little Rock Thrush (Monticola r.rufocinereus).
Uncommon in highlands.









Abyssinian Ground Thrush (Zootthera piaggiae kilimensis).
In forested highlands in East Africa.
Foto Marina Meger

Bare-eyed thrush (Turdus tephronotus).
Uncommon in eastern Commiphora bushland.









African Thrush (Turdus pelios centralis). Mainly
Western Kenya and further West. Nakuru

Mountain thrush (Turdus a. abyssinicus) in wooded highlands,
Nairobi. It was earlier T. olivaceus, now its own species.



Taita Thrush
Brown chested Alethe




Taita thrush (Turdus helleri). is endemic to Taita Hills. Endangered.
Photo Lorenzo Barelli, Taita Hills

Brown-chested Alethe (Pseudalethe poliocephala) lives on forest grounds
in Western Kenya, Uganda and Westafrica. Photo Lorenzo Barelli, Kakamega Forest