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Crested Guineafowl by Lorenzo Barelli

Bird species East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda

Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are rewarding destinations for bird safari and birding expeditions!

Due the large variety of biotopes ranging from the Indian Ocean, mangroves, coastal forests, Eastern Arc Mountains, savanna, semi deserts, deserts, fresh & soda lakes, mountain forests, alpine moorland to rain forest the number of bird species, subspecies and endemics is accordingly high.

Kenya is on rank 13 of the world list with 1.058 species. Out of these are 11 breeding endemics and 278 migratory birds. Additional are many subspecies which depending on the author are considered as full species.

Tanzania has 1.074 species and is on rank 12. 31 endemic bird species breed in Tanzania and 262 are migrants.

Uganda ranks 16 with 999 bird species. 1 endemic species breeds there and 236 are migrating birds. Many species from West Africa are also found in Uganda where it is safer to observe them.

The numbers are increased by many subspecies – Link

To introduce the enormous number of bird species here is only possible due to the great collaboration with fantastic bird photographers and their generosity to share their outstanding photos with us. We highly appreciate that they made these pages possible and hope you found a good place for identifying bird species in East Africa.

Should you still find it hard to identify or are not certain send us an e-mail to We gladly assist.

Lorenzo Barelli and Jacques Pitteloud spent several years at the same time in Kenya. They undertook many trips in search of rare and endemic bird species in Kenya. Together they produced the book “Wings over Kenya“.

Lorenzo Barelli is also the leader of our but also wildlife photography safari tours. This is our Facebook page

Per Holmen takes is bird enthusiastic birding friends to hidden places to trace rare and endemic species in East Africa. Holmen birding safaris

Marina Meger loves travelling in Africa and photographing birds and wildlife

Wilson Tiren is a very knowledgeable birding guide from Lake Baringo. He guides most of our special birding tours. For many years he has been studying birds, taking people to places in East Africa. He had also attended several courses and worked for National Museum of Kenya.

Doris Schaule lives at coast in Kenya and is very active in mapping bird species.

Roland Stroeder spends several months a year at his Kenya home near Malindi. He loves variety of wildlife and bird species in his amazing compound.

Ivo Zafirov and Yana Barzova have been on safari with us and made use of the opportunity to photograph wildlife, birds and landscapes.

Adam Scott Kennedy travels quite often in Kenya in search of special bird and mammal species.

The photos without name were shot by Elvira Wolfer. She has been living in Kenya since 1999 and guides tours in German language.

The listing of bird species of East Africa is similar to the book “Birds of Africa South of the Sahara” by Ian Sinclair and Peter Ryan.

Each photo has a short description where you can find the bird and if it is common, rare or endemic or if it has subspecies. You will also find the name of the photographer.

The pages are structured according to the current scientific families. If you can identify the family you will find the species on the corresponding page.

Each bird order and family has characteristics. We point them out and add some history or believes about different bird species.

We hope that we can wake your love for our feathered friends and would be happy to read a comment from you or even take you on a birding tour.

Welcome to Bird species of East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda

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