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Perfect camping let's you be part of nature

Perfect mobile camping - mobile tented camp

the best way to be close to nature and be part of it 
is in our expert mobile camping – mobile tented camp

Expert mobile camping – mobile tented camp Safari Kenya – Tanzania or also called mobile tented safari is the closest you can get to nature and wildlife. Remember the movie “Out of Africa” or Hemingway the author of “Snows of Kilimanjaro” – that’s the legendary expert mobile tented camp or mobile camping in Kenya’s or Tanzania’s wilderness.

Imagine you have your lunch under a shady tree while elephants are bathing in the nearby river or antelopes are passing by. At night you can hear lions roaring and spotted hyenas giggling – the sound of the wild is the best music for sweet dreams and best experienced in our expert mobile camping.

Ideal places for our expert mobile camping – mobile tented camp are Serengeti National Park, Masai Mara and Samburu National Reserve, Nakuru National Park and others. You will have your private cook who will prepare delicious meals in the bush kitchen. Showers and toilets are either fixed infrastructure or on private campsites we pitch our bush shower and toilet. You will miss no comfort and be closer to nature as in any other accommodation.

We can even provide more comfort for expert mobile camping – instead of sleeping on a mattress a camping bed with nice bedding can be put into your tent in which you can stand upright.

You wish to celebrate your birthday, a wedding  or an anniversary with many guests – just let us know and we will build an expert mobile tented camp or just tents for lunch with outside catering at a lovely place with a buffet and meals of your choice.

Even photographers can be accommodated in our expert mobile tented camp. A generator will provide the required electricity to recharge your camera batteries and laptops. Under our canvas fly sheet while still in the wild you can work on your photos of the day.

Depending on the number of guests a supply vehicle with the camp crew will do all the camp work. Up to 2 guests the equipment can be transported in the same vehicle as you do the safari.

Expert mobile camping – mobile tented camp is adventure in the wilderness. Since you can meet any kind of large to small wildlife some rules have to be strictly observed to avoid unpleasant encounters. For example: never keep not sealed food in your tent and always close your tent properly. Shake your shoes and cloths before putting them on. 

Children: camping – mobile tented camp in the total wilderness is not ideal for children under the age of 10. Should you still want to have your child experience the wilderness at close range we will have an experienced staff in case there are more than one kid.

For birders it is lovely to be on a camping site where birds are curiously coming to visit. We will ensure recharging facilities will be available.


How does an expert mobile camping – mobile tented camp look like and what options are there?

Near some parks and reserves it is possible to camp inside a lodge compound or equipped camping sites. Showers, toilets and eating places are provided. Some even have electricity.

Camping in Kenia oder Tansania
Camping in Kenya and Tanzania

There are public campsites in most parks and reserves. They are not fenced but provide showers, toilets and some also eating places or even kitchen spaces. These public campsite can be used by anyone and animals can pass through freely. 

Private campsites have to be prebooked and you will be the only visitors there. They will only be confirmed upon payment. There is no infrastructure at all and we carry and pitch our bush toilet, bush shower, eating table with a fly sheet and carry water. Also here any wildlife species can be met.

Some camping rules: Never keep open (not sealed) food in your tent. Always have the zip properly closed. Should any animal that could be dangerous walk into the camp give way and keep a very safe distance. Should you have to leave your tent at night, listen carefully before you open the zip. Then use your torch and shine around best on knee height. Should you spot eyes, please go back into your tent, close the zip and call for one of our camp assistants.

Equipment: tents you can stand upright inside (budget camping Iglu tents) with mattresses and bedding. You can request for camping beds. A headlight is advisable to have your hands free. Slippers are comfortable to walk to the sower. You will find a hand washing basin, soap and a towel.

Perfect camping equipment
Tent and equipment

Meals: our safari chef will prepare delicious meals for you. He is using gaz in our safari kitchen. Kindly indicate diets, allergies and your favourite dishes or what you don’t like at all upon booking.

Abendessen mobiles Zeltcamp
A delicious meal in the mobile tented camp

In several parks Kenya Wildlife Service, KWS has established very nice self catering bandas. Kitchen and utensils as well as beds and bedding are provided.